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Are you looking for metal roofing or siding panels in the Northwest USA? Northwest Steel can help you make your next building project a success! Our high-quality steel products include ag panels, PBR panels, skylight/polycarbonate panels, standing seam roofing, soffit/wall panelsdrip-stop vapor barrier, trim, and accessories for metal roofing installation. Northwest Steel produces Ag and PBR panels and 20′ trim pieces in the Milton-Freewater, OR facility. At our facility in Newport, WA, we make trim and cut standing seam metal to length for contractors on construction sites in the surrounding communities. 

If you are planning a new building project, our staff at either location would love to help you plan and order the metal for your project. Using a local metal supplier for your project makes your job easier, especially with our quick turnaround times. Bring us your blueprint, and we will set you up with everything you need—metal, screws, and trim. In addition to metal roofing and siding, get your custom trim pieces from Northwest Steel.

Need to place an order, or have a special requirement? Call Us!

Ag Panel

PBR Panel

Snaplock Standing Seam


What Are You Building? Choose Metal.


Northwest Steel produces metal roofing and siding panels for agricultural buildings. If you have a construction project on your farm, consider calling us to see how we can help you with a cost-effective metal solution for your next barn, implement shed, or commodity shed.


Are you building a commercial building? Metal roofing and metal panels can be an excellent choice of building material when making a commercial building. Northwest Steel provides both roof metal and siding panels for commercial building construction. Call us for a customized solution for your project today!


When building a residential building, homeowners need building materials that withstand the test of time. Metal roofing is a durable and time-tested roofing material that will give you years of trouble-free protection from rain and snow. Call today to speak to our knowledgeable staff to get a quote on your project.