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Metal Roofing & Siding Products​

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Ag Panel

Ag panels from Northwest Steel can be used both over open framing or sheathing. Ag Panels are both cost effective and high quality, giving you years of low-maintenance protection for both roofs and siding. Enjoy the benefits metal holds over wood: no splitting, no repainting, and a 40-year warranty in many applications*.

AG panel by Northwest Steel

PBR Panel

PBR Panel from Northwest Steel is commonly used for steel commercial buildings. PBR Panels span up to 4 feet on purlins, and can be fastened to either open framing or sheathing.

PBR Panel by Northwest Steel

Skylight/Polycarb Panel

Let the light in and save electricity with skylight made of polycarbonate panels. Whether you are using the Ag Panel or PBR Panel, we have the right skylight for your building.

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SnapLock Standing Seam

Northwest Steel is your local source for SnapLock Standing Seam—a classy, premium quality roof. We make it easy for you by rolling it out on site to the specified length. Wineries, mini-storage facilities, office spaces, restaurants, and churches love the look and longevity of Snaplock. With no exposed fasteners, Snaplock panels are perfect for areas with heavy snow.

Standing seam panel by Northwest Steel

Soffit/Flush Wall Panel

This panel from Northwest Steel is used for soffit, but can also be used for siding or ceiling applications.


DripStop is a technology that controls condensation under metal roofs. This patented vapor barrier is applied to the underside of either the Ag Panel or PBR panel. It is much easier and faster than installing insulation and a vapor barrier. Save time and money and with high performance DripStop technology.

Machine to make drip stop at Northwest Steel
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Trim serves an important function for finishing a roof or metal building and getting it to look right while keeping out the weather. Get all the trim you you need, including custom options, from Northwest Steel.

Northwest Steel trim


Every project calls for those extra pieces—and Northwest Steel has them for you. From underlayments to snow guards, we stock these items so you have what you need, when you need it.

Northwest Steel fasteners and accessories
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